Treasure in Plain Sight
Embracing the joy that is all around us

Javier’s Art Gallery

Each month our Activities Team engages one of our staff who has a “hidden” talent – to teach and inspire our youth. One of our residential counselors taught the kids coping tools through art via a friendly dorm-to-dorm competition!


February brought a couple of momentous birthdays to the Children’s Receiving Home campus and we celebrated in style (with social distance of course!) We were also honored to help one of our teens furnish and move into her first apartment after she decided she was ready to transition to independent living…with much help from our donor community and our buddies at IKEA.

Getting our hands dirty!

Through our new therapeutic horticulture program, our kids connect with nature, peers, and staff in an outdoor environment - discovering how to cultivate healthy growth in their own lives as they cultivate life in the garden. They are loving nurturing their seedlings and learning about growth cycles.

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