Serving The Child and The Family

Outpatient clinicians serve children, youth and families by addressing mental health symptoms associated with trauma, functional impairment, grief and loss, and difficult family relationships. Therapeutic services begin upon arrival in the emergency shelter and continue as the youth transitions to a family, foster or kinship home.

Clinicians use evidence-based practices to address trauma symptoms and help children and youth learn and rehearse positive replacement skills. As the leaders of the treatment team clinicians help to bridge the understanding between a youth’s past experiences, their current behaviors and skills, and their strengths to help to achieve treatment goals.

Clinicians can continue to meet clients for individual and/or family therapy and case management services. These appointments can take place in our CRH community office or in the youth’s home environment. This gives children and families the best chance for success and the support they need to create a permanent home.

Services Offered:

  • Individual trauma-informed therapy
  • Family therapy to assist with reunification
  • Psychiatric consultation/medication management
  • Safety plan development
  • Case management
  • Crisis intervention
  • 24 hour on-call clinical support
  • Transition and discharge planning

Our Professional Staff Includes:

  • Outpatient Clinician
  • Psychiatrist
  • Parent Partner
  • Youth Peer Mentor
  • Clinical Program Manager
  • Director of Clinical Services