The Program

Trauma affects the young brain in a much different way. Approximately 25% of children experience trauma such as abuse, neglect, a life-threatening accident or community violence (Costello, et all, 2002). Some children may recover, and some have no choice but to lead a life filled mental, physical, and emotional difficulties while struggling with the most basic life skills. Sprouts is designed to help reverse the damage, so that children can gain the skills needed and prevent a lifetime of issues. 

The program is designed to encourage improvement in all areas of child development including social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and school readiness. Our services are also designed to help reduce family stress and the need for specialized services once the child reaches school age. The structured program and interventions include providing the family with child development and behavior management education and support. Read our recent press release.

Our Curriculum

Sprouts TIC Preschool combines therapeutic interventions and preschool curricula in a warm and playful atmosphere.
• Incredible Years® programs for parents, teachers, and children
• The Creative Curriculum®

Goals: the primary goal is to enable children to transition into a regular school setting

• Problem solving skills
• Self-esteem & positive attitude
• Logical thinking skills
• Concepts and Information
• Cooperative pro-social behaviors
• Language and emerging literacy skills
• Gross and fine motor skills
• The use of senses

The program is designed to:

• Reduce the early onset of emotional and behavioral problems in young children
• Establish and engage on-going natural community supports
• Increase placement stability
• Increase health and wellness of young children and their families