Make the Most of Your 2018
There's still time to help children and youth in crisis at the Children's Receiving Home of Sacramento

 Maximizing your charitable giving before the end of the year can be a win-win — for both you and the kids at the Receiving Home. 

Your donations help us provide 24/7/365 care to all the children and youth who come through our doors. Because of your support, the Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento (CRH) has been a place of hope for the kids in our community who have nowhere else to turn. They have basic needs met (sometimes for the first time) while also benefiting from a full range of mental health services and therapy.

Our compassionate and caring staff are there to lift them up and care for them at a time when few others have. One of our past residents recently shared this:

“CRH was the first place I felt safe…and it will always hold a special spot in my heart because it was my ‘beginning toward stability.’”

Make your last gift of 2018 your best gift, and make a difference for the children at CRH. We are depending on our community to join with us in this incredibly important work. 

Thank you again for all you do! 

Most sincerely, 
Team CRH

P.S. There have been changes to the tax law for 2018. Check with your tax professional to see how you can best maximize your charitable deductions this year.

P.P.S. We will be celebrating our 75th anniversary in 2019! Be sure to watch our website and follow us on social media (links below) for important events and updates.

If you haven’t made a gift yet, it’s not too late. There are still many ways to support our kids before the end of the year: 

Gifts through your IRA, stock, or donor-advised fund are also available options