Gifts of Assets

If you have appreciated stock or mutual funds – or are required to take a minimum annual distribution from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) – you may be able to offset applicable taxes by making a donation of assets.

Also, some donors choose to plan an “after-lifetime” gift through a will, trust or by making the Receiving Home a beneficiary of an IRA or life insurance policy. We celebrate them as members of our Hope for Healing Legacy Circle.

Hope for Healing Legacy Circle Members:

  • Perpetuate the CRH mission
  • Inspire others to design their future gifts
  • Create a family model of generosity
  • Come together at periodic special events and are invited to advise on important issues

Your gift through your estate is more than a personal financial decision. It is your statement about what you value in life. Choosing to design a future gift for Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento will provide hope and healing for young children, while creating an inspirational legacy to inspire your own family and friends.

To discuss the various asset giving options available to you – or if you’d like to let us know that you have included the Children’s Receiving Home in your will, IRA or life insurance policy – please contact or call (916) 482-2370 ext. 1205.