Volunteers Matter
Local photographer donates her time and talent

Some people choose to help others by giving their time, others can help by sharing their expertise and talent; still other people can afford to give financially to benefit those in need.   It is rare; however, to find someone who chooses to give all three: their time, their talent and their treasure.  But that is just what Kim Kutcher did for 9 youth from CRH’s Independent Living Program.

Kim is a professional photographer who is also a mom and foster mom.  When she welcomes new foster youth into her home, she is saddened by their lack of personal photos. They seldom have photos of their family, their siblings and even pictures of themselves to mark the milestones in their lives such as birthdays, holidays and graduations. Kim saw a need and decided she could do something about it.

Knowing graduating is a struggle for most foster youth and a milestone in their lives worth documenting, Kim sought out those graduating seniors to offer free portraits. After connecting with Children’s Receiving Home‘s Independent Living Program she then enlisted friends and family to help pay for our kids to shop for senior portrait outfits.  She raised $600 that our 9 chosen ILP youth were able to spend on new clothes to help them look and feel their best. Kim chose the backdrop of the State Capital and the beautiful Capital Park for the shooting location; and for one special day, our ILP seniors felt somewhat like stars followed by paparazzi.  

ILP youth, Lakreesha Frederick, played the role of special assistant; laughing and joking to help Kim capture “real” smiles on the faces of other graduating seniors.  She is appreciative of the time Kim took with each, making it really personal and a great experience for all of them.  Lakreesha graduated last May and now can finally mark the occasion by sharing her senior pictures with her family and friends.  Another 17 yr. old ILP youth said it was “really cool” to have her own senior portraits. She realizes most kids would pay quite a bit of money to have such quality portraits taken and didn’t think she would ever have the opportunity.  She also recognized that Kim, who had to tow her own children to the photo shoot, was giving up precious family time to take the portraits for free. 

Kim Kutcher can add volunteer and mentor to the many hats she already wears. She is a wonderful example of someone who took action when they saw a need to fill, gave her own time, and used her own talent and financial treasures to make a positive and significant difference in the lives of our ILP youth.  Thank you Kim and Snapped Photography  for your wonderful gift!

You can located Kim’s business at http://www.snappedphotography.com/