Transportation Matters
How do our transportation stats add up?

On average, CRH transportation staff drive over 300 miles per day shuttling kids to school. They use 4 staff, 2 vans and 2 cars to transport an average of 30 kids criscrossing the entire County of Sacramento and in the process burning approximately 144 gallons of gas per week! 

Transportation staff also drive kids to family and juvenile court, family visits, community outings, TDM’s, CFT’s & IEP’s. They travel with kids to see the doctor, the dentist and to spend  long hours waiting in the emergency room. Our transport staff do all of this and more without a complaint. In fact, they enjoy driving our kids. As one CRH transport staff put it: “I love having the time to spend with a kid one on one. It gives me a different perspective and lets the kids have time to talk, to share their story and me, time to listen.” And that is a transportation stat that is entirely immeasurable and totally priceless!