Nutrition Matters
CRH Menu Makeover











To a child in crisis food can not only be comforting; food can be healing.  Children’s Receiving Home serves up to 210 meals a day seven days a week to children and youth affected by trauma so at CRH our cafeteria menu is a top priority.  Recently under the direction of our new chef, the CRH kitchen has made the commitment to serve food made fresh daily, with fresh ingredients; the term used by one boy (age 10) to describe the changes was “kinda like homemade”.

Most shelter kitchens of this size rely heavily on “pre-packaged” food and frozen food; many times serving highly processed and refined foods that have lost their nutritional value. (And their flavor)  CRH children and youth are now served food to represent a variety in taste and culture. Yet always keeping young palettes in mind we know nothing can replace homemade Mac and Cheese to warm the hearts of children.