Fun Matters
CRH boys learn more than just basketball

When the final buzzer rang out and the basketball took the last bounce, CRH “Trucks” were the CHAMPIONS of the Lord’s Gym Sports Center!!   From the beginning of the season the Trucks were unlikely long shots to win such a title.  As an unorganized group of ILP boys from Children’s Receiving Home, they came to Lord’s Gym to work out and play a little ball.  When the Lord’s Gym program director asked if they wanted to join the organized basketball league they decided to scramble for more players and enlisted 3 more youth from the CRH shelter program.  


They totaled 7 boys in all and they agreed that to attend games and play each had to be on-level, which for the boys meant attending school and good behavior.  As the season wore on, they learned to trust and support each other on and off the court.  League participation encompassed more than just basketball.  Our CRH boys were coached on John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success to learn lifelong habits like the value of hard work and dedication.  For the CRH “Trucks”, hard work paid off in more ways than one; better grades at school, closer friendships and a championship medal to remind them that their goals, even the long shot ones, can be achieved.