Experience Matters
40 years of service makes a difference

Mary Gorman

President Nixon was in the White House, the average monthly rent was $165 and a gallon of gas was .55 cents. The year was 1972 and Mary Gorman, young single mom and former “flower child” had just accepted a position at the Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento for $2.00 per hour. 40 years later and having cared for literally thousands of children, Mary embodies everything Children’s Receiving Home strives to represent. Abused children are soothed by her confident calm tone of voice.They know she can be trusted.  Her ears have heard it all; horrific descriptions of abuse.Yet with each new child she listens intently; compassionately, knowing she may be the first person they tell. 

Mary’s eyes have seen the bruises, the broken bodies and spirits; too numerous to count or remember all their faces. Needless to say, this work has been hard and each day can be emotionally draining. Knowing she continues to make a difference with each young life she touches gives Mary the strength to return each day, and each year, to continue serving these vulnerable children.

Children’s Receiving Home has changed dramatically over the last 40 years and Mary has been here to view it all.  The new buildings going up to provide a more  safe and comfortable environment tell only a small piece of the story.  Mary knows the much bigger picture of the lives she has seen changed. Once rebellious teenagers sometimes drop by to say hello to Mary.  It is hard to imagine in the mature faces of these successful adults that they too were afraid children that Mary once comforted. They of course remember…and Mary does too.