Sprouting Hope
Meet Skler.

“It was the most terrifying moment in my life…worse than the times he beat me…*Skyler was screaming and I had only the clothes on my back and little bit of cash in my pocket, but I knew the only way to save my son was to get out of there.”

Just a little over two years ago, *Diane made the brave decision to leave and take her then two-year old son Skyler from an abusive environment; with hopes to begin a new life.

As Skyler grew older, his mother began to notice that something wasn’t quite right. Skyler gradually stopped using words to communicate with her and others. When he did verbalize, he’d make different animal noises, depending on his mood. As time passed, the animal noises were joined with other bad habits such as excessive temper tantrums, hitting, kicking and biting along with frequent potty accidents.

Worried and distraught, Diane sought help. She grew so desperate to get her son the help she knew he needed, she called Child Protective Services (CPS) out of fear her parenting was the root of her son’s growing troubles.

Here, they were referred to the Sprouts: Trauma Informed Care Preschool; an innovative program conceived to help the very youngest survivors of abuse and neglect process their trauma. 

As months passed, the tantrums became less frequent, the biting ceased, and the hissing and barking gradually transformed into verbalization.  

Just one year later, Diane sat in the crowd, her eyes filled with tears as she watched Skyler receive a handmade card, a little diploma and a backpack filled with supplies at his Sprouts graduation ceremony.

“You’ve given me my son back,” wrote Diane in a letter to the teachers shortly after Skyler’s graduation. Despite making pouting faces or throwing a small tantrum every so often, Skyler’s developmental skills are where they should be. “I know his time in the Sprouts program – and all that he learned along the way – will translate into an enjoyable and successful Kindergarten experience for him…I can’t thank CRH enough!”

Would you consider making a financial gift in support of the Sprouts: Trauma Informed Care Preschool? Your contribution will continue the good fight in making a difference in the lived of youth who have been abused or neglected. 

Thank you again for all you do for our kids – we couldn’t do our work without you.

Most sincerely,

David Ballard, LCSW
Chief Executive Officer

*Names have been changed to protect confidentiality.