You Made Our List!
This Thanksgiving we're grateful for your support and generosity.

Each year, on Thanksgiving Day, we ask our kids what they’re thankful for. Their lists include:

This dinner
My brothers and sisters
Having a roof over my head
Being healthy
A warm place to sleep at night
My CRH staff
Being able to still see my family

Even with the difficult hand our youth have been dealt, they always find something to be thankful for. With your ongoing support this holiday season, it’s our turn share our thanks. Thank YOU for helping us to make CRH warm, safe, and home for our kids during the holidays.

Want to Adopt a Dorm for the Holidays?

This year, we’re rolling out our Dorm Holiday Hero Program!

Throughout the holidays, we’re inviting organizations or families to “adopt” one of our 8 dorms for the season.

Each dorm is separated by gender, age, and sibling set to ensure that our kids are as comfortable as possible during their stay with us. The dorms are as follows:

Pomona Dorm: Boys ages 13-17

Spelman Dorm: Girls ages 13-17

Harvard Dorm: Boys ages 7-12

Cornell Dorm: Girls ages 7-12

Oaks Dorm: Boys ages 10-18

Willows Dorm: Girls ages 10-18

Acorns Dorm: All genders ages 6-9

Goldstein Dorm: All Siblings

A contribution of $400 (or any amount toward a dorm of your choosing) will provide all of the décor elements the kids want to decorate their rooms and main recreation/dining space, gift wrapping supplies for all of their presents and some special Christmas morning treats.

If you and your group are interested in adopting a dorm for the holidays, please email Danielle McGarrity at

Dip to Donate!

Have you seen our CRH DipJar in your area?
Businesses like Gunther’s Ice Cream, Sacramento Oral Surgery, Giovanni’s Old World New York Pizzeria, Empire’s Comics Vault, Rick’s Dessert Diner, and more have previously hosted our donation jar.

We’re looking for your help! If you have a suggestion for our next location, or if your business would like to host our DipJar this upcoming month, please email Alex Gonzalez at!

Upcoming Events

Wine and Cupcake Pairing 12/4/20

The Holidays are Coming!