You Gave Us Our Daughter Back

We did everything right…or tried to, at least.

We read bedtime stories, had snuggle time, and sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” We made time to play together, eat together, and go on nature walks. Our daughter, Danielle, laughed and loved and could light up a room with her vibrant personality.

But then came the unexplainable mood swings, the persistent anxiety, the overwhelming depression. The constant monitoring and triple checking of the medicine cabinet…how could she want to die? She had so much to live for. She was an exceptional student, passionate about music and dance, and loved her pets. Most of all, she loved her family. We loved her right back, all of us wrapping our arms around her, trying to create a barricade that depression couldn’t break through. But it wove itself through the tiny spaces between our arms and fingers, its sinewy tendrils enclosing her in darkness and overwhelming her mind.

Our daughter was fading away and this time, I couldn’t kiss the boo-boo and make it all better. My husband and I decided to seek professional help. We were referred to a new day-treatment program at the Children’s Receiving Home (CRH) dedicated to stabilizing youth and families in psychological crisis.

At CRH, Danielle was surrounded with a team of people who gave her hope. They met her where she was and began giving her tools to help repair her soul and mind. Slowly, we begin to see glimpses of the “old” Danielle; slowly, the anxiety and outbursts faded; slowly, Danielle came back from the brink of suicide.

CRH gave us our daughter back.

It is the community’s go-to resource and provides the most needed services, at the most needed time, amidst the most hopeless of circumstances. CRH restores lost lives and broken families—and our story is a testament to that.

CRH offers vital services for children and families like mine throughout the region, but needs your support to make it happen. CRH relies on generous donors to help kids who have been traumatized by complex mental health issues, abuse, and neglect.

Would you consider a financial gift in support of CRH? Programs like the one that helped my daughter are the future for CRH and with outcomes like Danielle’s, I’d say the future looks bright.

My family is just one of thousands that have been rescued by CRH over their 70-plus year history. Please make a gift today to ensure CRH continues to bring hope and healing to families like mine in Sacramento, and beyond.

On behalf of CRH, thank you for your support. The kids and families of our community depend on you.

A Very Grateful CRH Parent