Thank you for giving your time, support, and love to our kids

I’m Thankful for…”

The children and teens in our care come from tragedy, neglect, and pain. In a season where the importance of home and family is a constant reminder, it can be difficult to remember what there is to be thankful for at all.

Our youth are creative, resilient, and hopeful. This month, a vibrant yellow wall titled “Give Thanks” lights up the girls’ cottage on campus. After being asked what it is that they’re thankful for, our girls picked up markers and began their lists: 

“Meeting all the loving and beautiful people at CRH”
“Being safe and being brave…”
“The amazing Willows/CRH staff”

At any given time, any day of the year, a child may be brought to the Children’s Receiving Home (CRH) seeking a safe place to receive things most of us take for granted: food, shelter, clothing and more. This may be a temporary placement for these youth during the holidays, but its impression will last a lifetime. CRH represents friendship, strength, safety and even life itself for the thousands of youth who walk through our doors each year. 

This year, we’re thankful for not only our warmhearted staff, but also our generous community. It’s because of you, that our kids feel home for the holidays.

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