Thank YOU for a Ton of Spring Break Fun!

If you have kids, did Spring Break last week leave you scrambling to figure out child care or find you planning outings to keep your kids busy while they were out of school? The extra stress and planning of these activities can be a drain, but are no doubt worth it when you see your kids create memories from fun events that don’t normally fit in the day-to-day work and school grind.

Here at the Receiving Home, it’s no different. We strive to give our kids a fun and home-like atmosphere so they don’t feel like they’re missing out during a difficult time in their lives. So, when they’re out of school, we’re busy planning activities and outings for them to take part in.

And this past Spring Break certainly did not disappoint. From a picnic at Folsom Lake, a trip to the Discovery Museum, hiking in Santa Cruz, and a day at the beach at Point Reyes—we are proud to say we got to spoil our kids with tons of fun! Some of them even saw the ocean for the very first time!

The Rotary Club of Citrus Heights, with the support of Soroptimist of Citrus Heights, hosted a very special Easter BBQ at the home of one of their members. They created a “bunny trail” in a field and put out 1,000 brightly-colored eggs for our kids to find. There were carnival games, volleyball, raffle prizes, and a mini “petting zoo” with Mitch the Labrador and Billy and Lilly, two adorable pygmy goats. The highlight was no doubt a visit by a Sacramento Metro fire engine that brought the Easter bunny. Kids of all ages had a great time going in the engine and sitting in the driver’s seat.

Host Ray Riehle said, “I’m sure these kids have a harder life than I can imagine. I hope this takes the edge off and gives them a nice time for a bit.”

Ray and his wife, Diane, had done the “bunny trail” with their own kids for many years and now that they’re grown, were happy to share the experience with ours.

The Rotary Club of Citrus Heights and other donors are what make all these experiences possible for our kids. We try to provide them with fun and special times when life may not feel all that special or that fun.

Seeing the ocean for the first time, sitting in a fire engine, being greeted by the Easter bunny, and petting a pygmy goat are all experiences we hope will go with our kids for a lifetime and be great reminders that someone was there who cared when they were sure that no one else did.

So, to all our donors, staff and everyone who helps our kids in their time of need—thank you! We absolutely could not do what we do without you!