SSVMSA Provides Grant for Medical Supplies

Well child visits, checkups, and regular medical/dental exams are all a necessary part of raising a healthy and happy child. But for the kids coming through the doors at the Children’s Receiving Home (CRH), these important things are either sorely overdue or lacking all-together. In fact, some of the kids we see have never been to a doctor at all. Very hard to imagine for some of us I’m sure, but it’s all too common at CRH. 

That is why our Medical Clinic is an integral part of the care we give our kids. When arriving at the Receiving Home, each child receives a complete assessment from an on-site medical professional. The results are sometimes distressing, but the care they receive in our clinic is an all-important part of starting the healing process for these special kids. 

Often our clinic is their initial stop and it’s here they see the first smiling face of many that will be dedicated to caring and providing for their needs while they’re at CRH. Many of them get to experience a level of care not received up until that point in their young lives. The simple act of a checkup and someone listening to them is enough to lighten their heavy load just a bit so they can hopefully start envisioning a better, happier future.

This is why we are so grateful to the Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society Alliance (SSVMSA) for their support, both this year and in past years. This year SSVMSA generously granted CRH a one-year supply of PPD test serum, medications, medical supplies, as well as an automatic external defibrillator.

These items will enable our clinic to continue to provide the best care possible to our kids. Thanks to SSVMSA, our clinic will be stocked and ready to receive the 1,200+ kids who come through our donors annually. We could not do what we do without the support of them and others like them. We so appreciate their partnership and shared passion for taking extra-special care of the kids we serve.