Sprouts Kids Get Much-Needed Playground

Many of you may not be aware of an exciting new program on our campus. It’s called Sprouts, and it’s a Trauma-Informed Care Preschool. So, what does that mean? Sprouts is geared specifically for young children in our community who have suffered early trauma and abuse, and its goal is to prepare them for a regular school setting.
Unfortunately, many children who have experienced trauma early on are unable to keep up with their peers academically, emotionally, and behaviorally. The preschool provides therapeutic interventions and curriculum so these kids can work past their early experiences and hopefully excel in school.
One thing that was lacking in the program was any kind of outside play structure. The kids had a grassy area to play with balls, trucks, and bubbles but unfortunately were only entertained for so long. Kids who have been through traumatic situations have a hard time accessing their imagination and creativity, and being so limited in their playtime definitely didn’t help them in this respect.
But since DPR Construction generously donated a large play structure last month, staff have noticed kids making progress in leaps and bounds. They reported that kids are losing interest in activities less quickly and are getting better at cooperative play.  They are also taking turns and exercising more of their imagination in playing games like “house” on the playground. Staff have also shared that behaviors inside the classroom have been improving as well. The kids get to run off more of their energy while playing on the new structure. They are more engaged and not succumbing to some of the negative behaviors that so often come on the heels of boredom.
We could go on and on about all the positive effects of this wonderful donation, but a Sprouts staff member summed it up nicely when she said, “Their little eyes just lit up when they saw it was finished and could finally play on it.”
Our preschool’s staff knew something like this was much needed, but didn’t know how it could happen given the prohibitive cost. DPR made this possible with their generous donation of the playground structure, as well as the time and labor spent in building it. They have made a lasting contribution to this vital program and to the Children’s Receiving Home, and we can’t thank them enough.