Recent Media Coverage Follow-Up

Despite our ongoing outreach and clarification efforts, media reports continue to provide misleading information and imagery regarding the Children’s Receiving Home (CRH) and its relationship to Sacramento County’s Centralized Placement Support Unit (CPSU) that leases space on our property. In light of these misinforming reports, I wish to share some key reminders with you:

We are separate entities: The intake center highlighted in the media reports is an entirely separate entity, which is housed in leased space on the Children’s Receiving Home grounds. That county run intake center will close in the next month. CRH is not closing. In fact, we are part of the solution to help figure out how the Receiving Home can safely take in even more kids.

While we are separate, we share the same concerns: The need to protect children is a no-brainer. How best to do that is fraught with complexities and conflicting expectations, especially in our collective efforts to find prompt and proper placement for all the children who come through our doors. Sacramento County – and, in fact, our entire state and nation – is struggling to find sufficient housing for an overflowing population of children in desperate circumstances. The numbers of resource families needed, facilities available and funding required do not exist anywhere at this time. This isn’t just a local issue – this is a national crisis.

Everyone is part of the solution: For nearly 75 years, CRH has been part of a generous community that supports our children and our mission. Children are 25 percent of our entire population and 100 percent of our entire future: Please help us spread the word about the vital need for resources, services and supports for each and every one. Donate. Volunteer. Advocate. Lobby. Become a foster parent. Adopt.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Children’s Receiving Home. If you have any questions regarding this issue, feel free to contact me at any time.

Most sincerely, 

David Ballard, LCSW
Chief Executive Officer