Make a HUGE Impact With a Small Act of Kindness!

Dear Friend,

I have a great story to share with you. I should warn you—it starts out a little sad, but has a happy ending. We hope it will leave you inspired by the change you can make with a gift that supports the kids at the Children’s Receiving Home.

This past month in our Acorns cottage, Valentine’s Day was fast approaching and Emily was feeling nervous. She had just learned that she would need to provide Valentine’s cards for each child in her class. For most children, this is not a daunting task. However, Emily had just been removed from an unsafe situation in her own home and had arrived at the Children’s Receiving Home with literally just the clothes on her back. She didn’t know where or how she would get Valentine’s cards for her classmates and the prospect of being singled out as the only one who didn’t bring them was disappointing and another reminder of her uncertain place in life.

Thankfully, a donor stepped in with a very timely gift of a set of Minnie Mouse valentines. Emily beamed at the sight of the cards and painstakingly signed her name 32 times with her still-developing five-year-old penmanship. This seemingly small gesture from a stranger made her feel more loved and cared for than she had in a very long time.   

You see, when you make a financial gift to the Children’s Receiving Home, it makes a huge impact. When you give a little love to kids who have nothing, it goes a long way. Your support will ensure these children receive the care, attention, and services they need at a most pivotal time in their young lives.

Click here to make a difference in the lives of hurting children today.  

Thank you for taking an interest in the lives of the children we serve. With your help we hope to continue to provide our kids with many more “simple” gifts and experiences that make a huge impact.


David Ballard, LCSW
Chief Executive Officer