It’s Back-to-School Time for Sprouts Trauma-Informed Care Preschool

Unique program empowers traumatized children, prepares them for success in school and life

It’s back-to-school season, and children all over the Sacramento region are gearing up for the year ahead – just like the children participating in the Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento’s Sprouts Trauma-Informed Care Preschool.

Already in its second year, Sprouts was created to assist young children ages 2 – 6 who have experienced abuse, neglect or trauma. The program combines therapeutic interventions and preschool curricula in a warm and playful atmosphere, encouraging improvement in all areas of child development — social, emotional, physical and cognitive – and better preparing them for success in school, and in life. 

This unique and innovative program will have five graduates this month who will successfully transition into more typical school settings.

“Trauma can come from a wide range of experiences, and we look at how these affect each child’s development,” said CRH Clinical Program Manager Kathryn Alves, LMFT. “Most of our children are unable to maintain typical daycare or preschool placements due to behavioral or emotional challenges, and that’s where Sprouts comes in.”

Alves noted that program services also are designed to help reduce family stress as well as the need for specialized services once children reach school age. The structured program and interventions include skill-building, education and support for caregivers as well as for children.

“We love Sprouts — now my child looks forward to school every day,” said one parent recently. “The interaction and sensory play has been amazing for him. It’s been such a short time, but we’re already seeing great improvements in his behavior and attitude.”

Sprouts was created in partnership with Placer County, which provides funding through contracted services; children outside of Placer County can also participate through scholarships or monetary donations.

“’Success’ is a stabilization of symptoms and improvements on both development and mental-health assessments,” said Alves. “CRH is honored to provide this unique service to children in our community, helping set them and their families on the road to success.”

If you know a local child or family who may benefit from Sprouts Trauma-Informed Care Preschool, please contact (916) 482-2370 ext. 1013.