Holiday Wishes

By now holiday greetings are hitting mailboxes and inboxes all over the Sacramento region. Another brightly-designed photo card with thoughtfully chosen wishes of cheer will soon adorn mantles and refrigerators—and oh, how those little ones have grown since last year! All those smiling faces of grandchildren, nieces and nephews are a wonderful reminder that we are so blessed with family and friends. 

Sometimes it’s difficult to imagine there are thousands of children in our own community whose smiling face will never adorn someone’s refrigerator or receive any special wishes from their family. At the Children’s Receiving Home we have many children and youth who will spend the holidays on our campus and not in their homes. Most of our kids have been hurt by their families—abused or neglected in some way. They come to us scared and confused and unsure who will be there for them this year. Recently, one of our staff shared her experience with one such little boy:

As I was watching over the children playing in the yard, Andy walked up Acorns Hill. He bent down and picked up several sticks of cut rosemary. Andy placed them in an old patio umbrella holder.

“Look Miss Dawn, I made a Christmas tree.”

I asked Andy, “Is this for me?”

He said, “No Miss Dawn, it’s for me and the other kids here so Santa will be able to find us. Santa doesn’t know we aren’t at home anymore, but if he sees the tree he will know to leave presents for us here.”  

Andy was not disappointed that Christmas morning. He discovered a wonderful thing as he opened gifts with his name on the tag. He discovered the kindness of strangers—Andy knew someone cared enough to send his presents to the Receiving Home.

With your help, every holiday season for the past 70 years the Children’s Receiving Home has helped Santa find all the boys and girls in our care—along with providing safe beds, warm blankets, hot meals and 24/7 round-the-clock care. This last year the lives of over 1,200 children and youth were touched by the kindness of our community. This holiday season you have the opportunity to send your best to the kids in our care and touch them with your kindness and holiday wishes.

Please consider a financial contribution to support our kids during this special season and throughout the year. By sending us a financial gift you are sharing in the wonderful tradition of caring for those less fortunate and sending a message to the kids in our care that someone wishes them well and hopes they have a very special Christmas this year—maybe their first one ever. 

Just click on this link to donate directly from our website!

We thank you for your support and for the difference you are making in the lives of the children we serve. We wish you the happiest of holidays and all the best in the year ahead.

Very Sincerely,

David Ballard, LCSW

Chief Executive Officer