Greg’s Story

Greg was 11 years old when he first came to the Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento (CRH). 

His stepfather was violent and cruel in his “discipline” of Greg. 

“He didn’t believe in using a belt. He felt like it took him putting his hands on me to make me a man. I remember the first time…he just started punching me in my face.”

This happened on a daily basis, but Greg remembers one day specifically. It was the day he was brought to CRH. 

After a violent altercation where Greg was left unconscious on the floor, law enforcement determined it wasn’t safe for Greg to be anywhere his stepfather knew about and placed him in protective custody at CRH.

Being at CRH, he says, was like “heaven”—especially after what he had been through. 

After a time, Greg was placed in the care of his aunt, but the emotional trauma of the abuse was still with him.

“I would fight. I got kicked out of five high schools in one year. I got kicked out of the district. I just felt hopeless, like I really had nobody. I might as well just be a thug. A gang banger. That’s what I’m good at.”

It took a few years and some life-changing events like the passing of his grandfather for Greg to start turning his life around. 

Fast forward a few more years, and Greg is walking the halls of CRH again—not as a youth in crisis, but employed as CRH’s Youth Peer Mentor. 

“I’m so happy I can work with these kids and be what I felt like I was needing at that age. What I felt like I was missing. It’s a blessing working here…I tell them I’ve been through it, I know how it feels.”

The Children’s Receiving Home rescues kids like Greg who have nowhere else to go.Your gifts have an impact not only now, but over a lifetime. They support the hurting child that Greg was, and the successful adult he has become. 

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