Giving Tuesday- Your chance to make a difference!

Today is Giving Tuesday—which followed Cyber Monday, which followed Small Business Saturday, which followed Black Friday. Three special bonanza shopping days to buy gifts for family, friends and even yourself (known as self-gifting). Everywhere you look retail ads are trying to entice you. Super deals! Lowest prices of the year!! Don’t miss out!!!

Giving Tuesday doesn’t offer a special deal…there is no “buy a new life for one child and get another one for free”….There is just this simple thought: Maybe this year you can add to your family’s holiday traditions by choosing to express the spirit of the season AND truly make a difference in the life of a child?

A monetary gift to the Children’s Receiving Home will give you a return on your investment that will pay dividends in a child’s future and your community’s well being.  I am not suggesting your five year old niece shouldn’t have a full stocking this year, only that maybe the one person on your list who is so hard to shop for (since they really lack nothing), would actually appreciate a gift in their name to help a child in crisis.

And it really is a great deal… your gift today will help the Children’s Receiving Home care for over 1,200 children in the Sacramento region. A gift of $20 will feed 10 children a healthy meal; it will buy school clothes for a child who came to us wearing their only pair of pants; a gift of $50 will allow a teen to join the basketball team with a new pair of shoes (and ultimately motivate him to stay in school).

The list is endless in the valuable difference your financial gift can achieve for all the hurting children and youth at the Receiving Home.  And one thing is for sure: helping a child in need will be a gift you feel good about giving! 

Giving is only a click away

Happy Holidays!  Happy Giving Tuesday!!

Kellie Dockendorf, Development and Communications Manager