Dignity Health bring Farrell’s to CRH

With a generous donation from Dignity Health and Mercy San Juan Hospital, Farrell’s Ice Cream was able to take their wacky show on the road and come to the Children’s Receiving Home on April 12th. To the delight of both CRH kids and staff, all were treated to the full Farrell’s experience: singing, dancing and great tasting ice cream!

To sweeten the day, several Dignity Health volunteers stuck around to join in some organized fun and games and a little of the unorganized type too…when the water balloons started flying!

CRH kids enjoyed racing with a cotton ball from the end of their nose and tossing water balloons with bath towels (which came in handy for drying as well). Clothes pins were a coveted item too; for every “like” that was uttered, a clothes pin was taken. An Oaks 3 youth was the top clothes pin stealer with 21 pins!  The Farrell’s crew joined in the game and found it really tough to say, “What kind of ice cream would you l___e?” without losing their clothes pin!  It changed quickly to, “What type of ice cream do you LOVE?” and everyone LOVES ice cream, right?

An Oaks 1 boy walked away with the prize for guessing the closest number of jelly beans in the jar… his guess was really close for a nine year old boy … 1,000 and the actual total was 973 beans in the jar.  However, the prize was much bigger than the jar of beans- a stuffed bison at least four feet tall; stuffed with thousands of beans no doubt!

Overall, Farrell’s Fun Day was a great way to start Spring break!  Many thanks to Dignity Health and Mercy San Juan Hospital for their generous donation of ice cream and attention- two things kids can never get enough of.