CRH Honors Beloved Friend and Employee, Paul Blankenship

Paul Blankenship was hired for six months to oversee the completion of the CRH gym … nine years ago. He was that good, and that much of a keeper.

After nearly a decade of service to the Children’s Receiving Home and making us all laugh, Paul passed away this March…and now we mourn.

On September 3, family, friends, colleagues, business associates, and community leaders gathered, in the gym he built, to pay tribute to our friend and former coworker: Paul Blankenship.  We thought it was fitting to rededicate the gym to honor a man who contributed so much of his life to service to children.  We were very proud to unveil the new lettering above the entrance, which now reads—the Blankenship Building.

Paul was not only a coworker to many of us but a friend as well.  Those of us who knew Paul well knew his humor was often over the line.  He often made jokes, or said things, that caused our jaws to drop thinking, “Did he really say that?!” He was cut from a different cloth and came from an earlier time.  He was unafraid and unabashed.  To be politically correct was not a tool in his repertoire.  That was all part of his great charm.

Paul had worked in residential care for children at another agency for an entire career before he came to us out of retirement.  He had been a child care worker, a facility manager, and a fundraiser.  Because of that experience he understood our work, appreciated it, knew how important it was and knew how to get it done.  Ultimately he knew that it is us, as real people, who do this work and deliver the services we do to kids.  Because of his personality he became part of the glue that held us together.  It was always clear, he was one of us.

Paul brought joy to all of us and all of those around him.  You couldn’t help but smile when being around him and you never knew where the journey with him would lead.  Beyond that, he had depth, was a productive worker, incredibly talented, and we were all made better for knowing him.  As for many of you, the greatest testimony we can give Paul is to say that he was our friend.  He will be missed.

It is our hope that the dedication of the Blankenship Building will leave a lasting impression on the CRH campus, as well as serve as an enduring reminder to everyone in children’s services that it only takes one person to make a huge impact on many lives.

–A tireless advocate for children, often politically incorrect, teller of inappropriate jokes, an inspiration, a true friend, the glue that held us together, loved by all.–