CRH Continues to Innovate

Kids at the Children’s Receiving Home now have 52 more ways each day to earn privileges and learn successful behavior models! We’ve long used a system of earning and losing points to encourage our kids to follow directions and coexist peacefully with their fellow residents.

We’re keeping that general idea alive, but transitioning to an individualized, strength-based points system based on trauma-informed care models. Which is a long way of saying that our kids have been through a lot and deserve a reward system that recognizes and builds upon their individual strengths.  

Our new system does just that. For one, our kids can only earn points—up to 52 a day, in fact. And they can never lose the points they’ve already earned that day. Also, every child will now have an individual plan developed in collaboration with our therapeutic staff that lays out the areas where we are looking for improvement.

For instance, while every kid will always be able to earn a certain number of points for general pro-social behavior like following directions or completing homework, a certain amount of points can only be earned by working hard to meet individualized goals. Examples of individual goals might be to increase use of new coping skills within a certain time frame, or increase participation in dorm activities.

We’re always reviewing our programs to make sure we’re serving the kids in our care with cutting-edge, compassionate programs that support their growth and success. This is just another instance of our dedicated staff staying on top of what works best and making sure our kids come first.