The Children’s Receiving Home Commemorates 75 Years!
Since 1944, CRH has served over 75,000 children and youth in crisis—providing a place for hope during the most pivotal point in their young lives.

For generations, the Children’s Receiving Home has been a safe haven for young people and teens suffering abuse and neglect in the greater Sacramento area. With the support of our community, we treat all aspects of the trauma suffered by our youth — mental, physical, and emotional — providing individualized care for young people who are facing new and greater challenges and helping them lay the groundwork for their future success.

The kids we serve feel lost, abandoned, and discarded by the people who were supposed to love them and care for them. Our ability to provide nurturing counselors, individualized care, skills training and therapeutic programs around the clock is really only possible because of each and every one of our supporters who partner with us.
Often past residents (or “alumni”) return and share with us what a difference CRH made for them:

“CRH was the most consistent place in my entire life. From 1991 to 2005 I frequently stayed at the Receiving Home. Sometimes my stay was for a few weeks—other times, several months. I celebrated my 6th and 18th birthdays there…I can’t even count the number of Christmas’s and Easter’s I had there. I will forever be grateful to the staff I met throughout my childhood…Trish, Julie, Bobby and Ms. Sue (and some whose names I can’t remember) were so kind and loving, and made my stay so much easier…they always made sure to tell me I could grow up and be whatever I wanted to be, they motivated me to go to college, and helped me believe in myself.” – Anonymous

 As regional needs and state laws have changed, so has the face of the Receiving Home, which has increasingly seen its resident population of foster children shift from toddlers and young children to older youth and teens. Now, more than ever, the Home represents a place of hope that helps protect our region’s foster youth from life on the streets or worse.

With our community’s continued commitment and support, the Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento will remain a place for hope for the next 75 years and beyond!