24 hours to give where your heart is

At the Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento our heart is with kids in crisis. Our heart is with the undernourished toddler who has gone to sleep every day hungry; we can give him his first full tummy.  Our heart is with the terrified 8 year old, woken to the sound of family violence again and again; at CRH we can give her a peaceful night’s sleep.  Our heart is with the 18 year old who does not have a safety net of family to lean on; we can give him confidence and goals and a dream of a better future. At CRH our heart is with these children in our own community.     

Starting at midnight, May 6th (tomorrow) more than 150 communities across the country will gather for one BIG Day of Giving to give where their heart is. With the hope of reaching millions of donors and raising over $100M nationwide, each community will rally support for the vital work of local nonprofits.

Starting at midnight, donations will be accepted through with a goal to inspire and unite our community in supporting hundreds of local nonprofits, including the Children’s Receiving Home.

The Big Day of Giving is:

24 hours to give where your heart is (min $25)

Part of a National Day of Giving called Give Local America

A way for donors’ dollars to go farther, with a pool of matching funds* available to participating nonprofits

*Note that only donations made online at on May 6 are eligible for matching funds.