Sharing Wisdom, Spreading Hope
Inspirational words from our PHP Youth and Families.

“Our daughter, Danielle, laughed and loved and could light up a room with her vibrant personality. But then came the unexplainable mood swings, the persistent anxiety, the overwhelming depression…it wove itself through the tiny spaces between our arms and fingers, its sinewy tendrils enclosing her in darkness and overwhelming her mind.”

Depression increases a teen’s risk for attempting suicide by 12 times; according to the US Department of Health and Services.

The teal wall of CRH’s Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) displays hundreds of colorful note cards; hundreds of voices telling each other, ”don’t give up.” 

PHP is a day treatment program designed to provide intensive clinical treatment to rapidly stabilize teens who experience mental health symptoms that interfere with daily functioning. The program provides hospital diversion and/or post-hospitalization treatment for youth with depressive disorders, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, unresolved issues of grief and loss, post-traumatic stress disorder, psychotic disorders, and other behavioral health disorders.

“Slowly, we began to see glimpses of the “old” Danielle; slowly, the anxiety and outbursts faded; slowly, Danielle came back from the brink of suicide.
CRH gave us our daughter back.” 

After much success with our current Partial Hospitalization Program, we are launching an additional program to serve younger kids (ages 10-13). Will you help us create a safe and welcoming space for our newest members of PHP? Donations of classroom items on our PHP Wish List or financial contributions will help those like Danielle see that “after a hurricane comes a rainbow.”

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All About Our Donors
Thank you for 75 years of supporting Hope & Healing.

Clara, Markell, Evangeline, and Rodman all have one thing in common; their devotion and support for the Children’s Receiving Home. Philanthropy allows us to not only provide for our youth, but to truly promote their self-esteem while in our care

This month, we celebrated philanthropy with a night of commemoration, appreciation, and theater. Guests gathered at our original location 14th & H street; which is now home to Broadway Sacramento and the Sacramento Theater Company. Our wonderful alumni speakers shared their stories of triumph; and the night wrapped up with a special dress rehearsal showing of Guys and Dolls. Thank you to everyone who came out and showed their support for the Receiving Home.

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Upcoming Events:

Summer of Giving

5th Annual Univera Serve First/Brett Drury & Rebecca Love Memorial 5k

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