General information

Our Wishlist

All donations made to the Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento are tax deductible. Please be sure to fill out a donation receipt so we can thank you and send you a tax deduction letter.

There is a Donation Area in the upper parking lot of our facility located at 3555 Auburn Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95821.

Donation Hours are Monday through Friday 9 AM to 4 PM.
Due to limited staffing a representative may not be present at the time you drop off your donation. If there are no donation receipts available at the Donation Area please be sure to stop by the front desk so they can give you a receipt.

Immediate Needs

The Children’s Receiving Home’s needs tend to ebb and flow as the age and gender of children coming through our door is always unknown. Currently, we are in need of the following items:

  • Reliable 4 door vehicle and/or van
  • School uniforms – white tops, khaki bottoms (all sizes)
  • First Aid supplies – Band-Aids (all sizes) 4×4 and 2×2 gauze pads, Neosporin, medical tape, Ace bandages, ice and heating packs
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Over-the-Counter medications such as:
  • Tylenol – 325 mg
  • Motrin – 200 mg
  • Hydrocortisone and antifungal creams
  • Children’s liquid Tylenol and Motrin
  • Cough drops

      Children’s toys ages 5 to 10, Lego sets, cars, new stuffed animals, etc.

  • DVD Players
  • New or used (in working condition) MP3 players
  • New and used CDs – NO cursing
  • Batteries – especially AA


  • T-Shirts: Men’s large and extra-large
  • Men’s body wash and cologne (preferably brand name, such as Axe)
  • Women’s body wash and body spray
  • Hair products (especially styling products for African-American hair), also conditioner for all hair types, boar hair type brushes, hair wraps, Pink Oil hair conditioner, Cream of Nature shampoo
  • Hair cuts/styles for African-American hair
  • Tampons and sanitary pads
  • Aveeno/Eucerin types of body lotion
  • School supplies
  • Sports-themed decorations for adolescent dorms

Ongoing Needs

The Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento serves between 1,200 and 1,800 children annually.
In order to provide each child with the proper services we depend on donations from our community. Donations of all kinds are helpful. In-kind donations such as new or gently used clothing and shoes, new and gently used toys, and new stuffed animals are a way for us to defray costs while monetary donations help fill in funding gaps in other programs. Gift cards are also a great gift and a way for us to purchase what we need when we need it.

Here is a list of items we need throughout the year:

  • Gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories (such as belts, hats, etc.)
  • New socks (all sizes)
  • New underwear (briefs, boxer-briefs, boxers, girls and women’s underwear of all sizes)
  • New bras (all sizes, especially larger sizes)
  • Boys/Men’s plain white undershirts
  • Boys/Men’s plain white t-shirts
  • Boys basketball shorts
  • Blankets or quilts (twin size)
  • Throw pillows
  • Beanbag chairs
  • Gift cards (Target, WalMart, DD’s Discounts, Ross, Burlington, TJX)
  • DVD players
  • Toiletries – toothpaste, deodorant, bodywash, etc.
  • Magazines (to be used for art projects/collages, etc.)

Clothing Room

Our clothing room is stocked with 100% donated material given to us by members of the community. We are able to give children who come in with nothing a full tote of clothing items, hygiene products, shoes, socks, and all the necessities! We accept both new and gently used clothing items.

Activities & Recreation Needs

Off-site Outings: Need for Gift Certificates

As a way to keep our children occupied in a healthy and fun way, we take them on as many off-site outings as we can.

To donate tickets to an event or local venue please call Tanya Kravchuk at (916) 349-7530 Ext. 23 or email

You can also mail tickets to:

Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento
Attn: Tanya Kravchuk
3555 Auburn Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95821

Recreation Equipment

As many as 1,200 children may stay at our facility within just one year. Due to the high turnover of clients, we are constantly replacing lost or damaged equipment. The following items are recreational supplies we can use throughout the year:

  • Arts & Crafts Materials: paint, chalk, poster boards, construction paper, Crayons, pencils, stickers, models (airplanes, cars, etc.), modeling clay, latch hook kits, paint by number, marker posters, sketching pencils, needle point kits (plastic needles only), blank canvases, shoe boxes with lids (for making keepsake boxes), plain picture frames (small, no glass) for kids to decorate
  • Sporting Equipment: sports jerseys (mesh for team sports), basketballs, softballs, baseball mitts/gloves, removable bases, soccer balls, portable soccer net, footballs, flags for flag football, volleyball/net sets, tennis balls and rackets
  • Swimming pool toys – noodles, diving toys, balls, floaties, etc.
  • Games for all types of gaming systems (including handheld games)