General information

More About ILS

ILS provides housing, support, and services that empower and encourage young people to become increasingly self-sufficient as they finish their schooling, develop their career path, enter the workforce, and gain specific life skills needed to live on their own. 

Assistance is offered in the areas of: 

  • Obtaining legal documents required for employment and education (birth certificate, CA ID, social security card)
  • Resume building, job applications, and interview skills
  • Budgeting and financial literacy
  • Skill-building groups like: grocery shopping and healthy meal preparation
  • Healthy choice groups like: domestic violence or substance abuse education
  • Training and use of public transportation
  • Links to Transition-Age Youth housing programs and information regarding the Extended Foster Care Program

Partnership, predictability, accountability, and respect are all aimed at helping young people complete their service plans, learn how to access other services on their own, and feel ready to handle life without professional intervention: in short — be self-sufficient.