General information

The Medical Clinic

The Medical Clinic – Health and Wellness Program is designed to provide or arrange for all aspects of care regarding the health needs of our youth. The CRH Medical Clinic is managed by the Medical Clinic Supervisor, a Licensed Registered Nurse (RN) who provides oversight of our medical and nutritional programs. Upon entry to CRH youth are seen within 72 hours for a complete, initial assessment by Medical Clinic staff in order to determine their need for medical care.

If needed, medication orders can be requested and staff can transport youth to a local provider for further treatment. On a daily basis the Medical Clinic sees youth for urgent care, administers medications per physicians orders, consults with our on-call physician as needed and makes follow up  appointments with primary care physicians, dentists, and optometrists. In addition CRH has a contracted psychiatrist who provides psychiatric evaluations and medication support to those youth requiring this level of service.

A contracted Pediatrician provides physical exams on a weekly basis in our clinic and addresses any medical concerns that may arise. CRH is proud to participate in the VFC Program to ensure all children and youth receive their age appropriate vaccinations. The Medical Clinic – Health and Wellness Program also works in collaboration with Sacramento County and First Five to provide the Hearts for Kids Program. The Health Exams Assessments Referrals Treatment Services (HEARTS for Kids), working out of the Medical Clinic office, conducts medical, dental and developmental screenings to foster children ages one to five as well as mental health services.