General information

How ILS Works

Youth begin their ILS journey on the CRH campus in a dorm setting utilizing 24 hour support from staff who teach, coach and demonstrate Independent Living Skills.

Youths’ ILS plans are individualized to reflect their own pace, yet they also participate in required groups that focus on skills such as meal preparation, using public transportation, financial literacy, job search development and building healthy relationships. Classes occur weekly with these topics in mind and community partners are brought to the CRH campus to share resources with ILS youth and facilitate further learning. Imperative to their success, each youth will continue to attend school to earn a high school diploma or GED. If appropriate, youth may attend college courses and/or be employed. Youth also have access to mental health services through individual therapy and/or group therapy provided on campus. ILS offers youth a safe environment to experience real life logical consequences, meaning youth have age-appropriate freedom unless it is deemed necessary to reduce their privileges for brief periods of time. Youth have just enough freedom as they are able to handle.The program is trust-based, with a points incentive program in place to support youth and acknowledge their ability to make good choices. Youth are able to earn points to spend in their own points store for completing every day activities such as attending school and taking care of house responsibilities.  The store has everything from lip gloss to CD players and household items to furnish their future apartments.

Once an ILS youth turns 18 and has completed high school the ILS team work with the youth’s AB12 worker to facilitate the next steps in their process — whether that’s a local Transitional Housing Program (THP), a Supportive Independent Living Program (SILP), or an apartment of their own. Additionally, youth are supported in pursuing employment and/or higher education in order to be in compliance with AB12 requirements.

Independent Living Services Team:

Through each step of their journey, youth have the support of the ILS team who coach the youth with thoughtfulness and strength-based planning; honoring their individuality and hearing their voice.

• ILS Youth Peer Mentor
• ILS Skills Trainer
• ILS Social Worker
• ILS Residential Supervisor
• Clinical Program Manager

CRH Program Components

  • Job skill development – youth will be expected to conduct job searches (with staff help and support) and if appropriate obtain/maintain employment while in the program.
  • Résumé building, application completion and interview preparation
  • Education – Diploma or GED preparation at Valley Oaks School (CRH on campus school operated by the San Juan Unified School District) or at the youth’s school of origin. Youth may also participate in college courses through American River College.
  • Emancipation skill building groups – based upon the individual needs of the youth
  • Healthy choice groups, such as domestic violence education or substance abuse groups.
  • Securing personal information – such as birth certificate, social security card, CA ID
  • Food preparation/catering service – breakfast, lunch and dinner preparation and grocery shopping assistance
  • Opening and maintaining a bank account
  • Training and use of public transportation
  • Scheduling medical and dental care
  • Social Worker and Youth Mentor support
  • Outpatient mental health services if needed
  • Any and all other assistance that the individual youth’s needs may dictate


For more information please contact the ILS Clinical Program Manager.